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New Writing Project

December 21st 2014 15:40
I thought I would update this blog with a new writing project I am doing, it's called Lemonboy and can be found on Facebook here. I will look to adfd new posts here as soon as I can.


Sports Asylum Show

October 25th 2014 08:19
Every Monday Night from 8:30pm AEDT is Sports Asylum Show hosted by Anthony, Dave and Scott live on Mix It Up Radio. The Show is on 7:30pm in Queensland, 6:30pm in WA, 8pm in Adelaide.

You can see more here.

The New Sports Asylum Show

August 26th 2014 04:54
The Sports Asylum Show has changed a lot over the two years it's been on air, it would appear we're back to just Dave, Anthony and Scott as Beki seems to be departing the show, we're yet to confirm her departure from the show.

The same old format is there, it's become fun and gain with the awards added and some general talk added in the final hour. The show can always be followed here
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Soon to be on Mix It Up Radio

June 27th 2014 00:12
We're aiming to get ourselves onto Mix It Up Radio as a regular segment bringing you the State of The Game in all sports. Right now Mix It Up Radio are carrying some good sports programs, and if you want to learn more click here.

We're looking forward to a future announcement.

Soon a podcast

April 30th 2014 05:37
We're going to start producing a podcast for this blog, the idea is to detail the state of the game in Tasmania. We're going to be talking Tasmanian Football, soon though.


Majestic Afternoons

March 4th 2014 04:27
While we were on new blogs for this site, you should come check out our radio show on Mix It Up Radio, head to our Facebook page here to learn more.

Majestic Afternoons returning in 2014

January 6th 2014 12:30
Majestic Afternoons will be returning in 2014 on Monday January 20th at 3:30pm, we have given ourselves some time to come up with some new ideas to make the show more interesting and add more entertainment during the shows. This comes after the Tasmanian Championship Wrestling event on the 18th of January in Launceston, Dave will be in attendance and will share any interviews and such from the event.

You can still buy tickets to that event, head along to their website by clicking here, as always we will be airing the Tom Lambert Independent Music Show from 3:30pm on a Wednesday throughout the time that Tom Lambert's show is on Mix It Up Radio

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Mix It Up Radio

November 9th 2013 00:39
Like us at Facebook to hear some of the great music that is on offer, click here and you can find out more about Mix It Up Radio.

It was an emotional night at Mix It Up Radio as we brought you What's On Your Mind discussing the terror attacks on September 11 2001, this single event stopped an entire world and left everyone in fear, if this could happen in the United States, it could happen anywhere at any time.

As a nation mourned and wondered why, conspiracy theories have plagued these attacks everyone still to this day want to know how did this happen? Why did it happen, and was it an inside job

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Last Friday Night saw the debut of What's On Your Mind at Mix It Up Radio, a show that discussed conspiracies, Aliens, and even had Ivan Stein join in on the discussion about the future and the potential beginning of the war in Syria. Also discussed what the meaning of life could be, and relationships as well it was a bit of a free for all on Friday Night.

This week it's the Federal Election special from 8:30pm at Your text goes here will see the boys will discuss the final countdown to the election, who they will be voting for, how they predict the election to go and what could the fallout from the months of campaigns

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